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Debbie Gliksman Urban Oasis

I’m Debbie Gliksman, principal of Urban Oasis Landscape Design and I love my job! It unites my twin passions for design and horticulture. My happy place is where landscape design, functionality, and sustainability meet.
I founded Urban Oasis in 2002 with a desire to create gorgeous and innovative outdoor spaces for each and every client. There’s nothing more rewarding for me than to hear my clients’ reactions to the transformation of their space. Good, purposeful design combined with exceptional plant choices will create beautiful, calming and sustainable environments that can be truly lived in and enjoyed.
Do you know that we can affect the earth in our very own garden? Climate change can be daunting but there are easy ways to design a space to use less energy, lower the ambient temperature, and save precious water. We can have a positive impact on the environment and create a beautiful and private oasis at the same time.
As well as being a certified designer and EPA Certified Irrigation Auditor, I’m also very involved in the horticultural community. I'm the current President of the LA Board of Association of Professional Landscape Designers so I’m always informed on the latest trends and technologies.

- Deborah Gliksman

Our collaborative landscape design process is divided into 4 stages:

1. Initial Consultation


At the first consultation we’ll discuss your needs and desires, taking into account your personal tastes, lifestyle and the style of your home. The key to good design is asking the right questions and really listening to the answers.


2. Site Assessment & Concept Design


We’ll explore the property and do a thorough inventory of its existing conditions and potential. With the use of property measurement and/or surveys, soil samples, and other factors, we gather information to begin the concept design. We strive to work in harmony with the natural landscape so that every design is unique and perfectly suited to its setting. Next, we’ll begin the development of ideas and present you with concept sketches, plant palette, furniture and accessory options and mood board. 


3. Final Design


We’ll expand and build on the concept design in greater detail with plans for planting, hardscape, irrigation, and landscape lighting and renderings to illustrate the final design vision. 


4. Installation

We’ll take your project from start to finish – including the construction of hardscape, outdoor structures, furniture and art installation, irrigation, lighting, and plant material – ensuring the highest quality result. We’re committed to sustainable landscape design without compromising aesthetic values and work in an environmentally responsible way, with methods such as water-efficient landscaping with climate-appropriate plants, efficient irrigation and storm water management.

Client: Ken Sackman
While all aspects of the job were done to high perfectionism, Debbie's ability to listen to my ideas and improve them in theory and then to improve even her plans on the fly as the job was progressing was quite remarkable. She has a great "eye" and vision and is quite knowledgable ... I could go on and on about the details of this job but sufficed to say I now have an astonishingly beautiful yard and would strongly recommend Urban Oasis for landscaping projects.
Client: Tamara Seckoff
"We hired Debbie from Urban Oasis to refresh our backyard, poolside garden and to reimagine our front yard garden to be more lush but also water wise. A tall order! The result was a beautiful, unique garden that looks like one you would find in Provence but that uses half the water. Our garden looks so original and creative and we like it even more as it grows in."
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